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Vivian C. on...

7.06 Reading Emblems Every Day, paragraph 2

It’s interesting to see during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries it was widespread practice to use images to add more layers of complexity, even in every day settings. I was wondering, how much difference in terms of obscurity/complexity would there be in an image that would be found in a textbook, as compared to an image on a poster or storefront? Would a book image necessarily be much more intellectually demanding in nature? And how long did this practice of using “inventional” images in daily settings persist – is this practice considered to still be around in the same form today?

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Posted March 15, 2013  3:02 pm
7.12 Primers of Virtue, paragraph 5

I am curious as to how the interpretation of emblems could be conceptually and morally restricted yet still imaginative. Could you clarify what this would mean? If the author inserts a text that already clearly delineates a certain moral significance to the emblem, what kind of latitude does the reader still have in the interpretative process? If a specific meaning is intended, what kind of variations in interpretation would have been “acceptable?”

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Posted March 14, 2013  6:27 pm