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sgaylard on...

0.01 Humanism in Crisis, paragraph 1

I couldn’t agree more about the footnotes — it’s hard to chase them by scrolling up and down, so would be great to be able to find the right footnote directly from the text. I also agree with Diana Robin, though — I find the footnotes and “Next section” links are placed so as to interrupt the flow of the chapter from section to section.

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Posted March 31, 2009  10:51 pm
0.00 INTRODUCTION: The Problem of School Books, whole page

Alas, I’m also a bit of an old-fashioned book fiend, although the idea of a book on a blog — a scholarly work that truly invites conversation — is marvellous. While I agree that it’s quite hard to read a scholarly text like this on a computer screen generally (eye strain, internet issues, clunky computer, etc), I think the text might be easier to read if it were possible to spread it out across the screen in two broad columns (like the “book” reading function in MS Word), rather than having all of the text squashed to one side while the comments and the contents fields occupy two-thirds of the screen. I’m not suggesting that comments and contents fields disappear — it’s lovely to be able to see them alongside the text — but perhaps the contents at least could be arranged horizontally at the top of the screen? Just an idea. I was also wondering if there’s a way to flag or annotate pieces of text for my own personal use to come back to next time I log in to carry on reading — ? Ironically enough, I do feel strangely “lost” in the text — despite the helpfully descriptive contents, I really miss being able to flip through the pages to get a better idea. Perhaps it just takes a little more getting used to (I’ve only been navigating the site for about a week).

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Posted March 31, 2009  10:22 pm
0.03 Some Perils of Generalization, paragraph 6

These images are so intriguing — it might be helpful to give author, title, publishing date as the label for each image, rather than waiting for the reader find the same info in the text. I think this would allow for easier visual comparison.

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Posted March 29, 2009  11:52 am