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indradjojo on...

0.05 Seen and Not Heard, paragraph 4

I was wondering too about the literacy rates. Roughly how many readers would be in these classrooms? Also, I know that in medieval manuscripts, the monks who wrote the texts did not usually illustrate the texts. Is this the same in printing? Would artists be commissioned to incorporate images to the texts?

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Posted October 11, 2011  11:09 am
0.02 Regionalisms, paragraph 3

The idea of paraphrasing struck me in this paragraph. While these readers would rewrite texts repeatedly,one of the ways students in the ancient times would memorise texts was by reading over and over again. However, paraphrase usually means a rewording of the text, so did these readers copy texts word for word or did they rewrite using their own words? What would happen to these copies too once they were written? Did they give them away?

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Posted October 11, 2011  10:52 am